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In 2002, a study showed that a shocking 12% of children had undetected visual problems. As a nation, this is something that we need to address. Ensuring that your child has their eyes tested by the age they are three, and annually after the age of three, is an important part of safeguarding their overall physical health.

Eye Health and School Performance

Good eye health can contribute towards academic performance. If your child cannot see easily what is written on the board in the classroom or on their computer screen, it could lead to them becoming frustrated with education, which may cause them to underperform.

Academic considerations aside, if your child has a serious condition like glaucoma, then spotting it early through an eye examination could literally save their sight. In addition, having an annual eye test establishes a good pattern of behaviour, which will hopefully stay with them for the rest of their life. If your child is due an eye test, call us today on 0141 433 6816 to book a FREE eye exam.

Top ten eye care tips for children

Here are a few handy tips:

  1. Your child is never too young for an eye examination. Aim to give them their first eye exam by the age of three.
  2. Children should have eye examinations at least once every two years, in addition to any eye exams that they might receive at school.
  3. Ensure that your child's study space is well lit. An Anglepoise Lamp is very useful for that purpose.
  4. If your child is underperforming at school, book them in for an eye examination. Eye problems can be the cause of difficulties with reading and writing.
  5. If you think your child may have a colour vision problem, or if there is a family history of colour vision problems, book them in for an eye examination.
  6. Protect your child's sight in the sun – for example, by giving them sunglasses – as there is evidence that over-exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays can contribute to the development of eye-related diseases.
  7. Eating fruit and veg can help to maintain your child's eye health and assist in protecting their eyes from a number of diseases. Broccoli, oranges, peas, kiwi fruits, mangoes, sweetcorn, grapes and spinach are all great foods for helping to maintain eye health.
  8. To help to avoid tired, red and sore eyes, ensure that your child takes regular breaks from work that involves focusing their eyes closely, such as reading or using a computer.
  9. If your child often complains about tired eyes or headaches, it may be related to their eyes, so we recommend booking them in for an eye examination.
  10. If your child is playing sports where there is a risk of them being unintentionally hit in the eye (such as badminton or squash), you might want to consider asking them to wear protective goggles.

To book your child's FREE eye test, phone us at Miller and McClure Opticians today on 0141 433 6816 or call in and see us.


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