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Ensuring you have regular eye tests are crucial for determining the health of your eyes. People place an enormous amount of stress and strain on their eyes every day, so regular eye sight tests are recommended to people of all ages.

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When you come for an eye test here at Miller & McClure, we closely and thoroughly check your eyes to determine their correction and spot any early signs of eye conditions including Glaucoma and Diabetes. In Scotland, the cost of a full eye check is free of charge to every patient and is now being met by the NHS.

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Why should you have an eye test? Most people do not hesitate to go for regular dental check-ups, but many do not realise the impact some eye conditions can have on their life. Using the latest technology, we work hard to ensure that all of our patients receive first class advice and assistance when it comes to their eyes. If an illness is spotted early enough it can often be easily treated, so always ensure that you come for regular eye tests to ensure that your eyes are in optimal condition.

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How often you have an eye test varies with age. It is recommended that children are taken for an eye examination by the age of three and then every year after that. Children under 16 or under 19 if they are in full time education are entitled to a free eye test and glasses if required, so do not hesitate to take advantage, if they are needed. For those aged between 16 and 60, it is advised that you get an eye test every two years and those over 60 should be tested every year, even if their vision is fine.


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